1. How can I be featured on Hello Ottawa?
I’m not accepting any new participants right now. Thank you for your interest, though! You can follow Hello Ottawa on Twitter and/or Facebook to find out about future calls for participation.
2. How do you select participants?
I started Hello Ottawa by putting out an open call for participants online, but responses quickly became overwhelming. Recently I’ve found participants through recommendations, seeking out particular individuals, and by coming across interesting people in every day life.
3. Will you feature my business/product/event/website?
No, probably not.
4. I notice you haven't posted any new profiles for a while. Is Hello Ottawa still a thing?
The project is on hiatus for a bit while I figure out what’s next for Hello Ottawa. 
5. I want to get in touch with someone you've profiled. How do I do that?
Many participants have provided links to their personal websites or social media profiles at the end of their interviews. If you still can’t find a way to get in touch with them, feel free to contact me.